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“SLEPIČÁK” (translation: A chicken coop or hen house) , was an abandoned house we drove around every day. A house that  if you had no imagination offered only a neglected garden, fallen plaster,  couple hens/chicken behind a fence and tons of ​​work.

But to us it was much more than that. With the help of our main court architect Ing. arch. František Prajer and his team, and with an overwhelming enthusiasm and partial naivety, incredible patience and a sense of  inspiration and ideas’ exchange, we did it, we brought out the best of it!

Unfortunately, almost nothing could be left from the original building, however, we still managed to preserve a piece of history. All the stones used  during the original house construction back in 1889 were used again. This time for the construction of a stone fence, which provides the guests with a necessary privacy. What has been left in the garden are two mature walnut trees that have been offering a pleasant shade in a summer and  for many years have been dominant features of the backyard. 

We designed the house and every corner of the garden with a vision of relaxation, a  no-stress place where you can freely practice a mindfulness,  meditation and get away from daily hectic life. It’s important to us that you feel that the place is there just for you and with you. Place where you can visit your childhood thoughts and dreams, desires that you had before you were consumed by constant lack of time and ever-growing responsibilities. We want you to treat yourself and enjoy the time with your family, friends, or as cycling enthusiasts, at the golf, yoga or with a good book doing simply nothing else but enjoying yourselves.  Regardless if you decide to be lazy or active, do not forget to have fun. Think about what you enjoy in life and what you miss and may be what changes are you ready to make.

We trust that there is certainly not much missing in your life and that all what you need is  a restful weekend/week, after which you will return home fully energized and ready to face whatever may come your way tomorrow. We would love to welcome you back. As soon as the gate closes behind you, the whole building and garden are at your disposal. Please use it the way that it remains a pleasant place for other guests.

We want to be part of your journey where you can catch a breath of fresh air…