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The garden is full of lovely nooks and crannies that you should enjoy.

Relax in a hammock, use a spacious wooden terrace by the pool or a terrace with a barbecue, get some suntan while resting on sunbeds and thinking of childhood memories, buy sausages and grill them in the fireplace at the corner of the backyard.

Be sure to taste all the fruits that will ripen during your stay!

Wild strawberries, chokeberries and juneberry tree (shadbush) – shrubs with tasty little fruit that cling to the stone wall.

Herbs such as sage, thyme and rosemary go well with many meals. We recommend mint, which grows by the stone staircase, and it is an amazing when you have a desire for a strong tea. Lemon water with mint is also a great choice and gives you a refreshing taste.

Finally, a little warning. The garden has a water irrigation system therefore no objects can be placed into the ground.

Thank you.